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Introducing the Tens Frame

In many classrooms a 2x5 grid called a ‘Tens Frame’ is used to help teach children how to begin to ‘see’ the number ten. This particular array (grouping) shows objects organized into two groups of five. By training the eye to see the grouping, children begin to recognize how the grouping and organization of 'ten' is a special type of array, which begins to help them in counting. The tens frame also helps in learning to add and subtract! Be prepared for a lot of 'a-ha' moments…

Lesson 1: Introducing the Tens

Materials: Cheerios and blank Tens Frame mat

Download and print out one copy of the Tens Frame mat. You only need one of these. Put it in front of your child. Now, just like in previous math activities, you need some 'rules' so here you go!

Step 1: Give your child a few Cheerios.
Step 2: Tell him/her to put them on the Tens Frame.
Step 3: Ask, "How many Cheerios are there?"
Step 4: Eat the Cheerios.
Step 5: Repeat the activity.

Initially, your child will put the Cheerios in any ol' spot on the Tens Frame. Typical! You want your child to explore so that's fine. After a few times, he/she will soon notice that if the Cheerios are placed in some sort of order on the Tens Frame, it is much easier to actually count them. (trust me on this)

(For you parents, download the Ten Frames with Numbers mats A & B. These two mats will show you how the mat can be used for counting and the other shows how the patterns can be useful in learning patterns about about addition.)

When the pattern begins to become clear, all of a sudden, addition facts to ten become, well, a piece of cake!

Once the counting on the tens frame is easy, then move on to the Numbers.

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