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Writing in Kindergarten

In Kindergarten there are many different teaching techniques and strategies when it comes to the writing process. There are also many differing views on how writing should be taught (and whether or not it should be taught!).

Having children write daily (or almost daily) in a journal is what I call 'focused journal writing.' As a teacher, I believe this is an excellent way to introduce young children to the writing process. It isn't stressful for the child nor is it a difficult concept to teach to a young child who has had little to no writing experience.

What is 'Focused Journal Writing?'

In the beginning of the school year the children start off by copying a sentence and a corresponding illustration. As the year progresses, they copy the sentence but the illustration is their own. Towards the end of the year, both sentence(s) and illustration(s) are all independently constructed.

Check out Focused Journal Writing for more information…

What are Thinking Maps and

Using Thinking Maps helps children to organize their thoughts prior to writing sentences. Circle Maps and Tree Maps are a great way to help beginning writers develop their own sentences. Permit children to utilize their High Frequency Word flash cards to help them spell words as well.

Regular writing opportunities demonstrates the importance and power of words. It also shows that words have meaning. Learn more about Thinking Maps in Kindergarten

What type of paper should

Kindergartners use what is called 'story paper' where there is space for drawing a picture and lines for writing the 'story.' Kindergartners are always illustrating their sentences so this is the perfect type of paper to use.

Download Kindergarten Writing Paper.

What questions should I ask

As your child is working on his/her sentence writing ask the following questions: djikidillygirlpencilc1

  1. Does your sentence begin with a capital letter?
  2. Do you have a stop sign (period) at the end of the sentence?
  3. Have you read the sentence? Read it and point to each word at the same time. Does your sentence make sense?
  4. Do you have extra capitals that don't belong?
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