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What is ? is designed by a veteran teacher (I hate to call myself an 'old' teacher!). It was started initially as a blog for my Kindergarten class and parents, but based on comments from others, I made it into a website which I called I hadn't updated the site for a long time and decided it was time to make some major changes and now the time has come to do so to unveil its new look and name!

DJIMarchladybugAll lessons, activities, and ideas have been tried and used with Kindergartners in my classes. My students came from a variety of backgrounds; many came to me without having any pre-school experience (on average—out of 31 Kindergartners, maybe four had been to pre-school).

The majority of my Kindergartners were limited English speakers and came from homes where English was not spoken at all (and I didn't speak their primary, home language!). Despite the language challenges, the children were all helped by their families through the various homework games sent home (in English!) that provided the much-needed practice and reinforcement children require in order to be successful in school.

DJIArtcomputerstuffcThe website was designed to provide additional assistance (and, extra copies of worksheets!) for family members who were seeking help. Parents today often are unable to come to school to ask teacher what is needed to help their children; thank goodness for technology! Hopefully, the information found here can be of benefit to other parents looking for help with their Kindergarten child.


The clipart used throughout the website and on the various downloadable worksheets is from the wonderful D.J. Inkers company and has been used with permission.


Note: All of the content and opinions found here are my own and any errors are mine.

If you have any questions/comments, please send me an email.

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