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Which one of these is you? Just because you think your child knows the alphabet, you may want to think again. How is it that you 'know' your child knows the alphabet? Is it because he/she can sing the alphabet song?

Identifying the Letters of the

Being able to identify the letters of the alphabet is just one of the basic foundational skills necessary in the development of phonemic awareness which leads to reading and writing success.

Memorizing the Letter Names

Memorizing the letter names is like memorizing number facts. it is one of those things that just have to be learned. Since there are a total of 52 letters to memorize, it is an awesome task to expect of a young child. Breaking the task into smaller bits will make the learning easier and more comprehensible.

What can I do?

How do you begin the task, then? Easy-peasy, lemon-squeasy!

Begin by having your child learn the letters in his or her name. After all, these are the letters that will have the most important for your child since children are very egocentric and always believe strongly that certain letters 'belong' to them! (How many of you have heard your child say, "That's MY letter!" when referring to the first letter of his/her name? Point taken!)

Take your time and relax…you can help your child and get through this challenging and most wondrous time of learning, together!

Are you ready now? Okay, begin here! Let's Practice the ABCs!

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Learning the ABCs

If so, then this does NOT mean your child knows the alphabet! If, on a letter identification test your child is unable to identify each letter, when the letters have been mixed up and are out of order, then THIS is the true test of whether or not your child 'knows' the alphabet.

"My child knows the alphabet." "My child doesn't know the ABCs!" "My child can sing the whole alphabet song."

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